Debbie’s Dog Walking tale

I have been a volunteer with The Cinnamon Trust for the past 8 years and in that time I’ve walked 5 different dogs for their owners, once or twice a week. The Cinnamon Trust supports elderly or infirm people with their pets and as a volunteer as I can do as much as I want from dog walking to fostering and adoption. As a dog owner myself, I’d be upset if I wasn’t able to walk my dogs anymore, so being able to help others in this way brings a huge amount of satisfaction.

The first dog I walked was a lovely friendly Alsatian Collie crossbreed. He loved going up steep hills and walking around the village where he lived. I walked him for 3 and a half years until a house move took me out of the area.

The second dog I walked was a very friendly Alsatian who loved a run around the fields. I walked him for a year until his owner moved out of the area.

The third dog I walked was for a very poorly owner. He was a lovely old Labrador and at her request, I took him to the beach each day where he could run off the lead and paddle in the sea. I took videos of him on the beach for her, until her death three weeks later. Being a volunteer during times like this can be difficult however I felt privileged and welcomed the opportunity to be able to do something meaningful for her and her family at such a sad time.

For the last three years I have walked a lovely cross breed on the beach once a week. Her owner is housebound and deaf so really appreciates being able to keep her dog as company at home with her. Without the help of a volunteer, the dog wouldn’t get walked frequently so I’m happy to be able to help just a little.

I occasionally walk a Corgi, Jack Russell crossbreed for his owner who is housebound. He was rescued from Romania and is great company to his owner who recently lost his wife.

It’s a simple thing, walking a dog, however it brings comfort and reassurance to the owner and provides me with the opportunity to volunteer in the local community, doing something I enjoy.


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